Autumn/Winter Hair Accessories

Head Pieces.

Flowers, jewels and all sorts of metals were a big part of fashion weeks everywhere with over the top head pieces. wearable throughout the day and to all your Christmas and new year parties to complement any outfit, you need to get you hands on some of these!

Embellished Hair Pins.

More wearable than a full head piece but looking just as good are embellished hair pins. from rock ‘n’ roll spikes to delicate flowers there is something to suit everybody’s style. If you haven’t got the confidence for a full statement head piece or hair crown these are the ones for you.

Hair Bands.

Hair bands are more of a necessity than an accessory you can get some really pretty hair bands to compliment your style. These will jazz up and hairstyle this season from a braid to a ponytail.

Hair Rings. 

Recently I have fallen head over heels in love with hair rings, adding a spicy edge to any hairstyle these are a must have this season. If you cant find any hair ties that take your fancy or want a more understated effect than a hair crown, these are perfect and so reasonably priced.

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