Classes and Parties…

So on Sunday 16th October I got an opportunity to teach my first class, and I loved every second of it. It got such a great reception that it suddenly dawned on me I could do this on a more regular basis.

It started off with me giving a quick and simple tutorial of a hair up that could easily be recreated by yourselves, and i got the opportunity to work with this little gem, Pretty.Ugly.Things. (Find her on Instagram). She is a self taught Special Effects Make-up Artist and even at her age is absolutely AMAZING.

I then went on to give 3 more looks for different hair types, textures and lengths.

One of my most frequently asked questions in the salon is “How do I get this look myself?” My first bit of advice is practice makes perfect which is a motto I live by. If you don’t practice how are you going to achieve your end result? Secondly i then give a quick insight into what I am doing and why, then I give another technique for you to try yourself at home.

If any of you are interested in booking a class with me, whether its one to one, or a group of friends that want to get ready for a night out. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, either through my contact sheet on my blog or you can contact me through my Instagram @hairbymadelinebarker

Have a good week guys xxx

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