My Must Have Hair Tools.

As a hairstylist I get asked a lot about the tools I am using and why, so I thought I would give you all the information of the tools I use on a regular basis. Depending on my clients desired look I use a range of different brushes.

My most recent purchase was a Denman Paddle Brush that I absolutely adore. Coming in at £11+VAT trade price, from Sally’s Salon Services store, it’s quickly turned into one of my most loved brushes. With soft bristles it brushes through my fine and tangly hair with such ease i don’t feel a thing. I tend to use this one for my more sleek and smoother styles.

Another of my fairly recent purchases was the ProBlo CURL Me Starter kit. Although I have never used this brush on myself (I have very fine hair just below my shoulders), I have had plenty of compliments on this brush a it doesn’t pull too much and never has anyone said it hurts. This is my ‘go to’ brush for big and bouncy hair as it allows you to remove the handle and clip the brush in place to let the hair cool down and set to the desired shape. I purchased this from the ProBlo website for £35.

Back brushing is huge when it comes to giving clients up styles and my favourite back brush was an absolute steal from Primark at just £1. I originally bought this for my sister to teach her how to back brush her hair with minimal damage but as i started using it i was becoming more and more reluctant to hand it over to her. I still to this day have that brush in my kit and never leave for a shoot without it.

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