Wardrobe of a Hairstylist.

As a lot of you may have noticed hairstylists are renowned for wearing all black. This may seem an easy option and you must think we are able to find ‘uniform’ anywhere, you couldn’t be more wrong. You will not believe how hard it is to find plain black clothes as everything these days has some sort of image, pattern or slogan on it. I hate spending a lot of money on my work wardrobe as it will always have some sort of bleach or colour dropped on it at some point of the first week i have worn it. So i thought i would share with you some of my favourites from my wardrobe this season.

Black dresses are a must. Comfy and easy to style out my favourite this year has come from Zara for a bargain price of £15.99. This dress is a really simply straight cut and has two very large pockets on either side. Looking lovely without tights and paired with my white converse for the warmer autumn days, but as the days get colder i will definitely be pairing this with thick black tights and my trusted Timberland boots.

Another must for me is a big, cosy, baggy jumper. This year I got this little beauty from New Look for £17.99. With its high neck and cuffed sleeves I feel very homely when I wear this. My other reason for this being a favourite is the length, I absolutely love a long line jumper for the autumn/winter months. Pairing this with either jeans or leggings and my black Adidas Racer Lite Trainers, £44.99 from Schuh. Much more of a casual approach to work.

Black jeans are in my work wardrobe all year round and can be paired with anything. In the summer my closed toe sandals come out and look lovely, in the Autumn out come the trainers and boots. I adore Chelsea boots and my Timberland’s are my ‘go to’ shoes for this season.

Overall my work style is very comfy and casual with the odd tailored dress thrown in just to confuse clients. Having to move around all day and wanting to be comfortable whilst I do so is difficult when you are wearing trousers and shirts or something too fitting.

I always have trouble finding plain black clothes so if you find anything the please do let me know 🙂

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