Autumn/Winter 2016/17 Hair Trends

These coming months are my favourite of the year, I love being all wrapped up in cosy jumpers and sitting with a hot chocolate watching my favourite films.

Fashion weeks from around the world have inspired this post so I am going to give you the lowdown on some of the most on trend hairstyles to look out for and try for yourself.

The Low Pony.

Less is so much more this season with a low Ponytail taking centre stage. Keep this look youthful with a messy undone pony or more elegant and sophisticated by simply twisting the ponytail back through itself. Take this style from office to evening by having a sleek ponytail for the office and pulling a few pieces around the edges for a night time of drinking.


I as a hairstylist personally have always had a love for crimpers. They help to create texture and body with any hairstyle and any hair type. For a fun take on crimping only crimp a few pieces to give the hairstyle something interesting to look at or for a more dramatic effect go with a full crimped low ponytail.

French Pleats.

This classic can be worn at all ages and in so many different ways. classic and sleek for the older generation or messy and undone for the more youthful feel. By adding any accessory you can change the whole effect you want to create. A head scarf will give you a rock ‘n’ roll edge whilst an embellished hair pin will take this look from the everyday work to wedding evening in seconds.


Anyone who knows me will know that I am quite possibly the biggest fan of any braid. Being able to play around with different types of braids and having a lot of versatility is key with braids. Having no boundaries with braids is the best thing and whether you have two dutch braids or add a braid to a different style to accentuate it will make all the difference.

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