5 ‘GoTo’ Hairstyles

Do you ever press the snooze button on your alarm one too many times in the mornings? Well you’re not alone, I do too, but as a hairstylist I need to make sure my hair is looking as good as it can do no matter how late I get up. There is nothing worse than going to a hairstylist and looking at their hair and thinking it’s awful, but what will they do to me.

Firstly the hair stylists with the worst hair are usually the best ones as they spend all their time looking after everyone else’s that they have no time to be looking after their own. (That’s what I tell myself, anyway :))

I thought I would put together some of my ‘GoTo’ hairstyles for the mornings when there just isn’t enough times to make me look my best.

1. Half up Topknot

Bang on trend and super simple and easy. this is perfect for second day hair when your roots are looking a little bit worse for wear and maybe a bit ‘shinier’ than usual.

2. Messy Low Bun

I am a lover of a high bun but with having such fine, fly away hair this just isn’t do able without putting the effort in for me. A low bun is so much easier as it can be tugged about and the messier the better.

3. Twist Through Pony Tail

Second day straight hairs best friend. Simply twist the ponytail through itself and you instantly go from drab to fab in seconds.

4. Messy Chignon

Starting with a low twist through pony tail, perfect if you have 5 extra minutes. Roll the extra ponytail up and back on itself and voila you have yourself a nice Chignon.

5. Band Wrap

Putting a headband round your head and wrapping it around sounds like such a simple idea and believe me it is. Once you’ve cracked this one you won’t look back. I can personally guarantee you will get endless compliments on your 10 second, elegant hair do.

Hope you enjoy and make sure to tag me in your pictures on Instagram once you’ve tried them @hairbymadelinebarker

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