What I Want To Achieve This Year

2017 is here and I feel like I am constantly being asked what I want to achieve and what my goals are for this coming year. I have never been one for making ‘New Years Resoolutions’ or setting myself goals that I know will probably be forgotten about in two, three weeks tops.

This year is different, I want to set some goals and stick to them!

1. The usual weight loss. 

I am not 100% happy in my body anymore and would just like to loose a stone and tone my stomach again.

2. YouTube 

I am a naturally shy person but I would love to begin my own YouTube channel giving you all tutorials alms advice when you need it.

3. Travel 

I love visiting different places and learning about new cultures. I am also a bit of a foodie so love to try something different.

4. Say no more. 

My boyfriend always makes a point of telling me I do too much for everyone else and nothing for myself so my goal for this year is to become a little more selfish and say no a little more and have more time to myself for things I want to do.

Let me know what your goals for this year are and of any tutorials you might like to see on my channel.

Love Madeline xxx

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