After not going away for nearly 10 years before my 21st birthday my mum decided to jet me off for a week with my boyfriend as I am ‘impossible to buy a gift for’. This is true as if I want something I tend to be very impatient and buy it as soon as I want it.

I absolutely loved my holiday, and it has opened up a whole new desire for me to see as much of the world as possible.

I thought I would share with you my bucket list of five places I definitely want to see.

1. Dubai 

Always been on my bucket list. Purely for the shopping and lifestyle difference they seem to have over there. Hopefully 2017 will be my year to visit.

2. Sardinia

Every time I look at pictures of this place my heart melts and I instantly wish I was there. It looks so peaceful and tranquil, and the complete opposite to my daily life.

3. Reykjavik (Iceland)

just to see the northern lights and hopefully see some beautiful wild animals.

4. Africa (anywhere)

to do a real life safari would be absolutely amazing for me. I love animals and think they are fascinating creatures, to be up close and personal (ish) with them would be amazing.

5. Budapest 

It looks so quirky and I love any type of city break. Beautiful buildings and scenery are definitely a must for me as I can’t lay down for too long, I get bored easily.

Love Madeline xxx

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