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Being in the hair and beauty industry has really opened my eyes to the way women treat other people’s work. I am a true believer in supporting other trade professionals and find it very difficult to read when some put others work down. Whether you think their work is bad or not we should be supporting each other as this is possibly one of the hardest industries to crack.

I notice people taking pictures of other work and trying to present it as their own, or they are belittling the work that has been done previously by another stylist. I understand how you feel when you are truly passionate about your work and want to get that message across, but i feel that the way some people go about it maybe isn’t the same way i would. I also understand that everybody is different and entitled to their own opinion but spreading it all over various posts could have the potential to take someones career from them.

We should all be a lot kinder to one another as its difficult being a women and trying to make your mark in this world. When you see someones work that you like it doesn’t hurt to show you like it and take great inspiration from it. I know I follow alot of other hair stylists on Instagram and admire all of their work.

Love Madeline, xxx


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