I love watching other hair stylists work and am constantly stalking various different hair stylists on Instagram. I thought I would share with you my top five inspirational hair stylists…

1. Larisa Love

This woman is absolutely amazing and I believe she is self-taught. She specialises in natural vivid and balayage, and recently opened her very own salon in the USA.

2. Dom Dom Hair

I have never felt so mesmerised when watching one person cut and style hair. He does it to absolute perfection and I am personally in love with the way he creates his beach wave looks.

3. Sarah Anguis

Making hair ups look so disgustingly easy on yourself she is the queen of big hair for me. I admire her hair and its beautiful bounce and shine. Hair envy at the ready!?

4. Jack Howard

The king of balayage and bringing it to the UK, and the L’oreal Professionnel color spokesperson. He is the go to colourist to the stars.

5. Milana Milabu

I love her quirky and cute upstyles for short hair and take a lot of inspiration from her for my incredibly fine, shoulder length hair.

Here are all their Instagrams so you can go check them out if you havent already…

@larisadoll / @larisalovesalon






Love Madeline, xxx

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